Robby Dennis Romance

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Born in Palermo, Sicily, to a Sicilian father and an Austrian mother, Robby has had the pleasure of returning to her birthplace on several occasions. During these trips she began a love affair with the culture and people and realised it was deeply ingrained in her DNA. Although living most of her life in Adelaide, South Australia, as a typical Aussie, nothing thrills her more than dipping into her native roots and remembering all the little things which makes her yearn to visit “Home” more often.

Writing has enabled her to  escape to a world far removed from her daily life as a sales assistant. It is a world she wants to share with others.

Happily married to her childhood sweetheart Paul, who is her muse, computer "tech guy" and proof reader. They share two grown children, a son in law and two grandsons. A menagerie of pets over the years has brought laughter and fun, in particular Sully the Silky Terrier, who features in one of her stories.

Robby has enjoyed public speaking and inspiring people to improve their lives. She draws from her own life experiences to help teach others about surviving life’s knocks and grasping the joy that she has found, no matter what life dishes out.

As a child she wrote her first book and illustrated it, after seeing the movie The Sound of Music. She continued to write and illustrate throughout her high school years, in particular a series about her alter ego and friends. 

After a long sabbatical, Robby found her writing passion again. Her visits to Italy have inspired her to write about the experiences that she enjoyed there, creating adventures and exciting characters. Her first story is about a large family in Palermo in a village where her relatives live to this day. From there, a series of books have evolved, sharing some common characters.

A trip to the Tablelands in Queensland, also inspired a story she needed to tell about hope and sacrifice and the effects of war on our returning soldiers. Working as a corsetiere for many years, including learning to fit breast cancer patients for prosthetics, Robby has met many who were either battling or surviving cancer. This inspired her to write one of her stories, about a survivor finding love, hope and family.

Robby's desire is that people will not only enjoy reading her stories, but find answers and inspiration to believe in love, hope and second chances… and perhaps yearn for a hearty plate of pasta or some ricotta cannoli!